Same color t-shirt..








If you’re not familiar with Blondie, they were a famous rock and roll band in the 80’s. Their lead singer, Debbie Harry, was the motivation behind the group’s name due to her bleach blonde hair. I love this group so much because Debbie pretty much invented what it means to be a bad ass. She created so many trends with her hair color, fluid sexuality and sense of style. Plus, she was the lead singer and ONLY woman in the band. Who runs the world?

Because of this, she was a perf source of inspo for this look. I decided on wearing her t-shirt with a modernΒ twist. I paired it with some fishnet, high-waisted pants and my fav leather jacket. (Which I stole from my boyfriend – thanks babe!) My last additions were my Tory Burch duo – flats & tote, simple choker and blue lipstick.

Shirt: Hollister

Pants: H&M

Jacket: Billionaire Boys Club

Shoes: Tory Burch

Purse: Tory Burch

Fishnet: Beauty Store

Lipstick: Colour Pop

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