I walk around like I gotta s on my chest.







I have been on GO lately.. trying to juggle this whole ‘adulting‘ thing lol. What I’ve realized is that I need to be more present in the present. I’ve been so busy worrying about where I’m going that I haven’t just stopped and appreciated where I’m at. Well this helped give me some inspo for this look – I wanted to add some femininity to a mens streetwear brand, Supreme.

I’m absolutely in love with my Vans. They’re so cool and comfy, and I love to see how everyone else rocks theirs. I wanted to channel fun vibes for my twist on a street wear look. So I decided to pair an oversized Supreme tee with suspenders because as ya’ll know, I’m obsessed with layering lol. To keep it flirty and summery, I went with these jingle coin shorts. I’m OBSESSED with these shorts! I always feel like Jasmine from Aladdin when I wear them.. I love the sound they make when I strut and twirl lol and I’m here for anything 3D that gives my look some texture. Final additions were a peach Michael Kors wallet to give my look some more color and my fav LOVE bracelet.


T-shirt: Supreme

Suspender Bodysuit: American Apparel 

Shorts: Blu Spero

Shoes: Vans

Wallet: Michael Kors

Watch: Apple

Bracelet: Macy’s

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