A Snack: Ruffles








Spring is finally here and I’m so excited!! Atlanta is finally getting consistent, good weather so I’m super ready to jump back into outdoor fun. For a nice day of lunch and shopping, I decided to play around with ruffles. They’re just so cute and fun and give your outfit some good drama.

So I’m a huge pants girl. I just love being comfy! I decided on a floral printed pair to keep the Spring flow going and snatched it all together with an organic, olive green belt (which I stole from my bf’s cargo shorts lol). Last additions were an orange pop of color wallet and my favorite 3D wing heels. I love these heels!! They just give you an extra boost to aim a little higher.

Sidenote: I talked about my new purple hair in my Grapevine post, but I just cut it into a bob! I love it so much more cut. I feel like it just gives out such chill vibes and BONUS it’s a lot less hot with this heat! Bob seasonnnn!



Top: Fab’rik

Pants: Francesca’s

Heels: Amazon Fashion

Wallet: Michael Kors

Belt: Levi’s

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