So, Naomi Campbell is one of my favorite people ever and I always wondered if I could pull off her signature style: bangs.

I didn’t want to cut my own hair for a bang so I figured the best bet would be to use a closure. I got the shortest closure which I believe was 8inches since I knew I wouldn’t need the extra hair. Installed and styled by Darrien of the Jasmine Nikol Beauty Boutique, I used 3 bundles and a closure and I’m in looovveeee! I was a little nervous because I didn’t know how to explain in words how I wanted them cut – I just knew I didn’t want them to look anything like Blac Chyna’s lol. Hers are so thick and just take over her face, but Darrien assured me I would be laiiiiddddddd! PS: Darrien is currently running a $100 sew-in special that includes a wash and trim. You can’t beat this!!

I’ve been playing with my hair a lot lately in terms of straightening and curling it to see what looks the best with bangs, and so far, everything has come out pretty well.

The benefits of bangs are that you don’t have to fill in your eyebrows or put too much effort into your lashes since they’re pretty covered. I actually haven’t worn any makeup for the most part since I’ve gotten bangs – just lipstick and highlight on certain days.

The downside is that you have to straighten your bangs everyday or train them so that they don’t look crazy which is v annoying especially for people like me who just like to get dressed and go. Also, a lot of people warned me that I might start to break out on my forehead, but I take really good care of my skin so no pimples so far! *knocks on wood*

But, for those that would like to try bangs, I would suggest trying on a wig first before you actually cut your hair cause this is a really permanent hairstyle. You can’t make them into a middle part or a side bang – it is what it is so you have to love it lol!

Side note: Can you tell I love the color olive and backpacks? Lol 😉

Bundles: Brazilian Wavy from Snoblife

Closure: Brazilian Wavy from Hair Fetish

Stylist: Darrien (@_ShearsNBowties_)

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