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Ya’ll.. Since I’ve put all my trust into Shea Moisture and seen its amazing results, I’ve been so excited to share the Holy Grail of skincare products! So, I always switch up my skincare routine around summer time simply because the Atlanta heat has terrible effects on my skin. I have extremely oily skin plus I don’t sweat (I know, weird lol!), so my pores get really clogged and cause breakouts if I don’t handle it properly.

I just happened to come across these products one day in Target. I had absolutely no idea that Shea Moisture carried skincare products – I thought they only dealt with hair. But I figured since they have an amazinggggg hairline, their skincare should be just as great.

The main thing that I love about these particular skincare products is that they’re all made of African black soap which does WONDERS for your skin.

  1. My usual go-to is Neutrogena’s oil-free face wash, but for the summer, I like to use scrubs. I like to feel that I’m actually getting into my pores and really cleaning my face. I love this scrub because it’s extremely gentle. Don’t you hate when your face actually hurts after using a scrub!? Lol. Plus, it doesn’t dry your skin out since it has tea tree oil!
  2. I don’t usually use toner, but I added it to my summer routine to balance out my oily skin. It’s basically a less harsh astringent. It’s great at picking up any dirt or makeup you missed with the scrub!
  3.  Lastly, the mud mask is just the cherry on top! It balances out my skin so I have an even tone all over. I only use this bad boy about 2-3x a week depending on how much I need it.



If you don’t have oily skin like me, there’s plenty other mud masks that Shea Moisture offers that I’m sure will have you glowing and fresh all summer!

Plus, don’t forget to drink plenty of water and stay stress free! <3

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