So a lot of people have been reaching out to me asking what have I been up to or why I haven’t posted as much in the past month(s).

Well I have exciting news for you guys.. I am REVAMPING my brand!! I’ve been working with this phenomenal graphic designer/developer who is spearheading the RiklaFlair brand with a new website, business cards, and merchandise. Yes, you’ll finally be able to shop with me! Plus, I’ll be adding more tabs to the site so more great content that I know you all will love <3

I just wanted to update all my amazing subscribers and followers on my work in progress. I can’t express to you all how grateful I am for you all’s constant support and love during my first year of blogging, and I can’t wait to begin year two with some new new shiiiiittttt! 😉

Stay tuned – I’ll be right back…

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