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Ya’ll.. Since I’ve put all my trust into Shea Moisture and seen its amazing results, I’ve been so excited to share the Holy Grail of skincare products! So, I always switch up my skincare routine around summer time simply because the Atlanta heat has terrible effects on my skin. I have extremely oily skin plus I don’t sweat (I know, weird lol!), so my pores get really clogged and cause breakouts if I don’t handle it properly. I just happened to come across these products one day in Target. I


So, I had been thinking for a while about a new Easter hair debut. Lol, sounds so lame but I wanted something fun and bright since it’s always such a warm and happy day but also something fresh since it’s a rebirth within ourselves. I had been jumping from blonde to pink and finally decided on dark violet. I would say the coolest thing about this color is its resemblance to black specifically at night and indoors. But in the light, it’s such a fun and vibrant purple – perf for

Messy bobs have become one of my favorite hairstyles because of its low maintenance. What’s better than not having to spend forever on your hair everyday? Nothingggg! Every morning, I just “fluff and go”. I fluff my waves enough so it doesn’t look like bed hair but also doesn’t look freshly done and I just… GO! The best part about this hairstyle is that it only costs me around $50! I purchased this wig (yes, wig!) from my local beauty supply store for about $40 and Got2B adhesive for like


So, Naomi Campbell is one of my favorite people ever and I always wondered if I could pull off her signature style: bangs. I didn’t want to cut my own hair for a bang so I figured the best bet would be to use a closure. I got the shortest closure which I believe was 8inches since I knew I wouldn’t need the extra hair. Installed and styled by Darrien of the Jasmine Nikol Beauty Boutique, I used 3 bundles and a closure and I’m in looovveeee! I was a

Purple Reign

I’m back with another glitter lip kit review! This one is also from To Be Golden in the “Reign” color. Unfortunately, they are out of stock in every color but that doesn’t mean you can’t put this on your Valentine’s Day wish-list, ladies! I absolutely love this color. So vibrant and bright and perfect for dressing up a dark or boring outfit! It was super easy to apply and remove and lasted all day (same as the Coco Loco shade). Purple is a pretty bold color especially mixed with the

Cocoa Loco

So, if you know me, you know I can’t get enough of glitter everything. I love glitter eyeshadow, phone cases, nail polish.. the whole nine! So, when I found an Instagram page for glitter lip stick, I went crazy lol. The crazy thing about this picture is that it does the lip stick NO justice. It’s amazing to say the least – so shiny and shimmery all day. I purchased the lip kit from To Be Golden which was only $20, ladies! She has so many different shades which would be perfect for

*Wink Wink*

Since I’ve gotten my first taste of lashes by MAC, I can’t stop wearing them! I used to only buy my lashes from MAC Cosmetics, but then I got savvy and realized I could get the same look for half the price from CVS, Target, Walmart, etc. They’re super easy to apply – just apply eyelash glue to the eyelash strip, blow on the strip for 15-20 seconds to get it more tacky than wet or dry and then apply on your lash line. Some people use tweezers to apply

Lace Frontal 101

So I’m sure everyone has heard about the new lace frontal craze. I just got my second lace frontal install, and I love it. It’s an extremely high maintenance lifestyle  due to the different techniques of laying down your frontal but very much worth it. My install of a lace frontal and three bundles (18 inches) is glueless meaning it’s completely sewn down. I’ve heard so many horror stories about people who have lost their edges from using glue, so I wouldn’t suggest that to anyone interested in getting a

A huge misconception about dark skinned, melanated women is that we cannot pull off blonde, especially platinum blonde. I never like to run from a challenge and I love playing with different hair colors so… I decided to go blonde! Instead of dyeing my natural hair, I went to my local beauty supply store and bought a wig. Yes, a local beauty supply store! The wig was made of 100% human hair and costs less than $100. If I’m not rocking my natural hair or a sew-in, I’m usually wearing

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