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Black Barbie

Pink Friday I think that every little girl loved Barbie at some point in their lives. You could dress her up, change her hairstyle and imagine her life to be however you wanted. Now that I’ve graduated undergrad and entered the “real world”, I think that’s the best part about adulting – you have the choice to do whatever you want in life. So, I decided to channel Barbie for this look. Why not be a Barbie? Not just because of her perfect, unattainable looks but because she was a


Same color t-shirt.. If you’re not familiar with Blondie, they were a famous rock and roll band in the 80’s. Their lead singer, Debbie Harry, was the motivation behind the group’s name due to her bleach blonde hair. I love this group so much because Debbie pretty much invented what it means to be a bad ass. She created so many trends with her hair color, fluid sexuality and sense of style. Plus, she was the lead singer and ONLY woman in the band. Who runs the world? Because of

In the Field

We don’t stand in line.. Foreign shoes hurt your feet.   So, it’s errands day and you just wanna throw on your fav joggers and slides. Skrrrrtt! How about putting on a cute and comfy fit since you’ll be out and about all day? Whenever I’m going to be in the field, I loovveee to throw on a dress. They’re just so breezy and can be easily dressed up or down. For this look, I decided to pair a black dress with my fav booties and bomber jacket. Snake skin

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