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It’s so funny how fashion is cyclical. Growing up, my mom would always tell me not to get rid of any of my clothes because they would one day come back in style. Of course I thought she was crazy and couldn’t wait to take my old clothes to Plato’s for some extra cash – but now I see what she meant lol.

Corsets were popular back in the day and now they’re back! I love them because they can allow you to layer but still show off the waist you’ve worked hard for. For this look, I wanted to show off their versatility: wearing it as a top instead of over a top while still keeping it day-time friendly.

To complete the look, I paired my corset with some olive green culotte pants. (These have come back in style as well – remember gauchos as a kid!?) These pants were also a deciding factor in me picking sneakers instead of heels because they’re so comfy that you’ll just wanna wear them all day!

Final touches were gold hoops, my LV crossbody and a tortoise watch to keep my neutral color scheme going 😉 Lol, my purple hair is already enough of a color pop.


Corset: ASOS (sold out)

Pants: Tobi

Sneakers: Michael Kors

Purse: Louis Vuitton

Watch: Michael Kors

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