So, I had been thinking for a while about a new Easter hair debut. Lol, sounds so lame but I wanted something fun and bright since it’s always such a warm and happy day but also something fresh since it’s a rebirth within ourselves. I had been jumping from blonde to pink and finally decided on dark violet.

I would say the coolest thing about this color is its resemblance to black specifically at night and indoors. But in the light, it’s such a fun and vibrant purple – perf for Spring. Plus, (pictured) my niece thought it was just the coolest thing that I had purple hair lol. Isn’t that what we always wanted as a kid – to be able to grow up and still be able to be creative and have some self expression?

Have some fun this Spring! New season, new me 😉

Fun fact: I bought the separates of my two piece outfit from two completely different places. I purchased the pants from Tobi like a year before I found the top. I just happened to be at Plato’s one day selling old clothes and came across the top. I thought, dang this looks really similar to some pants I have and just decided to impulse buy it since it was pretty cheap. Got home and they were an exact match lol.. Ya’ll know I love a good two piece!

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