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So I’m sure everyone has heard about the new lace frontal craze. I just got my second lace frontal install, and I love it. It’s an extremely high maintenance lifestyle  due to the different techniques of laying down your frontal but very much worth it. My install of a lace frontal and three bundles (18 inches) is glueless meaning it’s completely sewn down. I’ve heard so many horror stories about people who have lost their edges from using glue, so I wouldn’t suggest that to anyone interested in getting a frontal.

I bought all of my hair from Snoblife, the infamous salon based in Atlanta and owned by Ming Lee. I highly suggest this hair and frontal to everyone! The frontal is so large and full that it’s pretty much a bundle of hair itself unlike other frontals where you might have to add hair to it because of its thinness. The hair is great as well – so silky and lasts multiple wears. I’ve purchased Japanese Denim hair from this company before and have dyed it about 3 times and it still feels and looks the same as when I first purchased it.

So some of you might be reading this and thinking, “why get a frontal and not a regular sew in or a closure?”. Well, most regular sew-ins require leave out and if you’re someone like me who loves to constantly straighten or curl your hair, you take the risk of heat damaging your hair. Closures are great but lace frontals are extremely versatile meaning you can part your hair any way, wear front top-knot buns or pretty much do anything you want to the front of your hair.

Just know that not everyone knows how to install lace frontals properly. I once heard a story that a stylist used the black glue that you use for pronto/quick weaves for the frontal (yikes!). So, make sure to do your research on your stylist, buy a quality lace frontal and understand and accept that it’s a high maintenance hairstyle.

Brazilian Lace Frontal: Snoblife 

Brazilian Body Wave Bundles: Snoblife

Install & Styling: Envi of the Sparkle Xperience Salon (@YaMansFavoriteBarber)

Shirt: Francesca’s (similar)

Shorts: Kendall & Kylie collection from PacSun

Shoes: Francesca’s

Purse: Louis Vuitton

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