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Messy bobs have become one of my favorite hairstyles because of its low maintenance. What’s better than not having to spend forever on your hair everyday? Nothingggg! Every morning, I just “fluff and go”. I fluff my waves enough so it doesn’t look like bed hair but also doesn’t look freshly done and I just… GO!

The best part about this hairstyle is that it only costs me around $50! I purchased this wig (yes, wig!) from my local beauty supply store for about $40 and Got2B adhesive for like $5 from Target.

The wig was originally more curly than wavy but I like more of the beach waves look so I stretched the curls by brushing them out and fluffing. The wig was also set to be a side part but I tend to switch between a middle part or side part by just adjusting it differently on my head.

Now on to actually applying the wig… You can either go the glueless method or use adhesive. I don’t have a preference – it typically depends on my plans for the day. If I’m not doing much, I just pop my wig on using the clips inside, put some edge control on my baby hairs & go. Now if I know I’ll be doing the most that day, I use my Got2B gel which acts as glue. Very important: Got2B should be used to lay the lace of the wig down meaning you put the gel around your hair line then place your wig & firmly press the lace down with the end of a comb. You shouldn’t use your finger to press down the lace with the Got2B gel because the oils from your fingers will cause the gel to dry white instead of clear. To keep this in place all day, you set it with heat from a blow dryer.

Just remember that your wig does not have to look like a wig. I rarely wear a wig that I buy from a beauty supply store as is. I do a lot of cutting, tweezing, etc. Don’t be afraid to customize it to your personal preference! If you feel like you used too much adhesive or your baby hairs look more like adult hairs, don’t be afraid to start over. Practice makes perfect especially when it comes to manipulating wigs.


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