Purple Reign

I’m back with another glitter lip kit review! This one is also from To Be Golden in the “Reign” color. Unfortunately, they are out of stock in every color but that doesn’t mean you can’t put this on your Valentine’s Day wish-list, ladies! I absolutely love this color. So vibrant and bright and perfect for dressing up a dark or boring outfit! It was super easy to apply and remove and lasted all day (same as the Coco Loco shade). Purple is a pretty bold color especially mixed with the

Type to buy me diamonds.. You can miss me with the bags. I absolutely love this look because it’s borderline extra but still very attainable at the same time. I wanted to do a simple Fall look for class but with a POP! The cardigan and green trousers are so perf for this cool weather and super comfy if you’re going to be out and about all day. Usually on my school days, I’m on campus the entire day so being comfortable is my #1 goal.. other than slaying ya’ll lol. My

I think streetwear is so cool because it allows women to still be sexy and feminine without being in a traditional ‘girly’ outfit. Rihanna was a huge inspiration for this look simply because Riri = streetwear (let’s be honest lol). But, for those that have been on the fence about wearing certain ‘tomboy’ things, throw some heels and your favorite bag with your unconventional pieces.. You’ll surprise yourself 😉 Stylist: Rik’ki Jackson Photographer: Derrious Robinson (@RidetheWave__) Model: Shawndra Nash

The leaves are changing.. The weather is changing.. It’s time for outfit changes 😉 My favorite part about Fall is being able to layer! For this look, I really wanted to wear my favorite summer dress but transition it for the season. I love this dress because of its bell sleeves and flowiness! (Is that a word? lol) Anyway, I decided to add a vest and thigh high boots combo that played with the color palette of my dress. I’m not a super matchy-matchy person, so I always like to

Today’s a perfect day to boss up. I loveeeee jumpsuits! For this look, I wanted it to be Fall work friendly for my corporate fashionistas. I decided to add a Polo button down underneath to keep it in season and perfect for the office. To pop it off, I added my favorite mini backpack, comfy sandal heels, Ruby Woo (best red from MAC) and a little bling bling 😉 Side note: This jumpsuit was wayyyy too long when I purchased it, but I was being too cheap to get it altered.

I like my money right where I can see it.. hanging in my closet. I wouldn’t say I grew up watching Sex & the City because I’m only 22, but I do credit my interest in fashion, traveling and just random life quotes to my muva, Carrie Bradshaw. I absolutely love fur (faux of course!), so when I purchased this coat, I knew I wanted to do some type of New York look. I decided to pair it with an effortless black, slip dress because of its comfort and subtle

Don’t get lost in the sauce. So, I’m a vest addict. Even during the summer, I was always the person to throw a vest on a simple outfit to dress it up. (Side note: Check out my leather in hot weather look that I posted this summer) So now that it’s Fall, I am so happy that no one is looking at me crazy and asking, “Aren’t you hot in that vest?” lol! I know I’m not the only person who just deals with being hot to be cute.. Anyway..

Jeans are an everyday mood. Cute jeans are such a great buy because they’re versatile and can be worn with almost anything. In the midst of the floral denim trend, I was super excited to find these babies! I’m a detail lover, so I decided to keep this look pretty simple for the everyday girl. The blush pink and brown floral embroidery was also a perfect color palette for this Fall season! Top: Fab’rik Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch Shoes: Charlotte Russe Necklace: Francesca’s Purse: Louis Vuitton

Cocoa Loco

So, if you know me, you know I can’t get enough of glitter everything. I love glitter eyeshadow, phone cases, nail polish.. the whole nine! So, when I found an Instagram page for glitter lip stick, I went crazy lol. The crazy thing about this picture is that it does the lip stick NO justice. It’s amazing to say the least – so shiny and shimmery all day. I purchased the lip kit from To Be Golden which was only $20, ladies! She has so many different shades which would be perfect for

Faux fur heels have become a cute, bold statement! When trying to find a pair to purchase, I realized that I could make them myself. DIY (do it yourself) crafts are such a fun way to get inspired and be creative with the things you want. All you need is a pair of sandal heels, faux fur, a hot glue gun and scissors. I ordered my sandal heels off Amazon. Yes, Amazon! Amazon has a huge variety of women clothing and shoes for great prices and the best part of it

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