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Faux fur heels have become a cute, bold statement! When trying to find a pair to purchase, I realized that I could make them myself. DIY (do it yourself) crafts are such a fun way to get inspired and be creative with the things you want.

All you need is a pair of sandal heels, faux fur, a hot glue gun and scissors.

I ordered my sandal heels off Amazon. Yes, Amazon! Amazon has a huge variety of women clothing and shoes for great prices and the best part of it – Prime! With Prime, you get free, 2 day shipping so that’s always a plus.

I really love the color nude, so I knew I wanted something that had a lot of brown. I ordered brown sandal heels here and bought mixed brown faux fur from Jo-Ann’s. I was really surprised to see that they had a lot of colors and types of fluffiness of faux fur, so any color that you want, that would definitely be the place to go. Make sure to buy enough to fit both straps of your sandal heels.

From there, you just measure how much faux fur you need on the straps of each heel and use your hot glue gun to secure it on the straps. I used a good amount of hot glue especially on the ends just to make sure my fur wouldn’t fall off on me one night lol. But, I think they turned out pretty cute and were super easy and inexpensive to make!



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    Very Sexy too

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