Puerto Rican Mami


I put that lingo on her, she was Spanish.










My spring break trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico was beyond amazing! My sorority sisters and I were there for about 5 days, and our time was spent on the beautiful beaches, shopping (despite their super high sales tax), exploring, staying litty (Hennessy Honeys) and eating everything in sight lol. One of the main things that I learned on this trip was that I hate Puerto Rican food.. After about 2 days of eating at traditional restaurants, we resorted back to burgers and fries. You can take the girl out of America, but can’t take the American out of the girl, huh?

One thing that was always consistently good was the drinkksssss! Puerto Rico introduced me to Hennessy daiquiris inside of pineapples – Yum yum yum! Everywhere we went, we made sure to order drinks. Nothing’s wrong with a little litty on vacation!

Overall, we met some pretty cool people and made lifetime memories. We rode ATVs through the Puerto Rican rain forest, got a $500 ticket for parking in an unmarked handicapped spot (eye roll), made each club/bar we went to play Future, gambled and won NO money at the casino lol and learned some not so classy words in Spanish.

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