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Since I’ve gotten my first taste of lashes by MAC, I can’t stop wearing them! I used to only buy my lashes from MAC Cosmetics, but then I got savvy and realized I could get the same look for half the price from CVS, Target, Walmart, etc. They’re super easy to apply – just apply eyelash glue to the eyelash strip, blow on the strip for 15-20 seconds to get it more tacky than wet or dry and then apply on your lash line. Some people use tweezers to apply their lashes, but I’m super hands on and old fashioned, so I just use my finger tips.

My eyelash glue preference is the dark tone (black), DUO one, but I have used the white one as well. They both dry clear but I just think with my lashes being black, it’s easier to use black glue. I like DUO because your lashes last all day and the bottle lasts me about a month. I also have seen people use black, hair glue to apply lashes, but I’ve never personally used it myself so maybe one day I’ll try it and let you all know how it goes.. lol

Now to the fun part… “How do I know which lashes to pick?” Well, I like a super dramatic look, so I either buy Ardell ‘Double Up’ or ‘Glamorous’ lashes ($7). This just means that they are a lot more dramatic, pop off your face more and give the look of two lashes put together. If you are a fan of a more natural look, similar to using mascara, the ‘Natural’ lashes would be perfect for you ($6). I honestly think they’re a waste of money because whenever I use them, I don’t see a difference between my natural lash length and the fake lashes but to each his own.

“What’s the difference between the drug store brand lashes and the ones in the beauty supply store?” Well, some beauty supply stores sell brands like Ardell. But mostly all of them sell the cheap, blue box lashes that I don’t think fit anyone’s face well. They are either very wide, meaning you have to cut them to fit your lash shape which is pretty difficult for beginners, are way too long and dramatic or not in a natural color. Ardell, which can be found at your typical drug store or retail place, is conveniently labeled and easy to match to your own personal liking.

“How long do strip lashes last versus eyelash extensions?” Foremost, strip lashes are temporary which is why they’re less than $10. You should not sleep in them and should throughly remove the excess glue off the lashes if you would like to wear them again. You could also use an alcoholic cotton swab to clean the strip lashes, starting from the band down to the tips of the lashes. I get about 1 week – 2 weeks use out of my strip lashes. I make sure to remove the glue off of them before applying them and keep them in cases when I’m not wearing them so they can keep their shape. I could definitely get a longer use, but since they’re only about $7, I don’t see the point lol.  Eyelash extensions are more permanent temporary – what I mean by that is after you get the extensions which can range up to $200, you have to get them refilled after about 4 weeks which typically costs about $75. They’re definitely more convenient because you can sleep in them and not have to worry about applying them every single day, but if you don’t think you would wear lashes on a regular basis, I wouldn’t recommend you spending your coins on this.

Lastly, yes, eyelash strips can be removed by just ripping them off your lash line, but this can over time damage your own eyelashes. I recommend using a gentle, non oil-based eye makeup remover on a Q-tip or cotton pad to soften the glue and just letting them fall off your eyes. It’s definitely painless and quick! Slay on, my friends.

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